2018 Eligibility and Guidelines


Participants must reside in Southeast Texas in order to play. Your child's report card and original birth certificate must be provided at certification in order to participate in our program.

Children can attend public, private, or home school, but must provide documentation that they reside inside the Southeast Texas area.



*Football Registration OPENS February 1st*

Ages are 5 years old (as of July 31st) to 12 years old.

Children may participate in both school and Oilers athletics.


Tackle (Freshmen through Varsity) (1st participant) $215.00

2nd and Subsequent Tackle Participants $200.00

*The SETX Oilers has a NO REFUND policy*

You will receive required equipment (game jersey with name, helmet, pads, game pants, and practice jerseys, game socks, pink out socks).  The players will be allowed to keep their game jersey and pant but must return everything else prior to the end of year banquet.


                 Freshman Tackle      Ages 5 - 6                       

Sophomore Tackle       Ages 7 and 8 

Junior Varsity Tackle      Ages 9 and 10

Varsity Tackle        Ages 11 and 12



Cheerleaders $300.00

*Cheer Registration Opens February 1st*

Fee includes a new high quality custom fit uniform, socks, bloomers, bow, practice uniform,shoes, warm ups and poms. Parents will be advised of accessories required or provided at parent meeting. Poms will be returned to the league at the end of the season.

 Cheer Participants ages 3-14 will be accepted. (Age as of July 31st )