Football Guidelines


For Tackle Football the Southeast Texas Oilers use a combination of the NCAA rules and a set of "Home Grown" rules that are modifications to the NCAA rules providing a unique set of rules to the SETX Oilers.

The Southeast Texas Oilers have 5 eligible age divisions which are available to both boys and girls with no discrimination against their size and/or weight.



Eligibility is determined by what age an athlete will be on July 31st of the current year.

  • Flag                 Ages 4-5
  • Freshman        Ages 5-6
  • Sophomore      Ages 7-8
  • Junior Varsity   Ages 9-10
  • Varsity             Ages 11-12

*SETX OILERS do NOT allow a player to move up a division. Players who are 5 years old are allowed to play EITHER Flag OR Freshman Tackle*

  • In the Fall there are 8 regular season games and up to 6 weeks of postseason playoffs.
  • During the regular season there will be 4 Home games and 4 Away games. Away games will be played in the Houston area. Gate fees will be $4. 
  • During the playoffs there will be games in the Houston area, gate fees will be $5. Superbowl games will be played in the Houston area and gate fees will be $8.
  • Practices will start July 9th, 2018 at Westbrook High School. Exact practice schedules will be released in June.
  • Games start September 1st, 2018, but we will not have a game schedule until July/August.
  • We travel as a team meaning all away games will be played at the same location with the exception of the Senior level, who may have their own schedule.
  • There is a No Refund policy which states that only players who cannot pass a physical and have a doctor's note stating so will be allowed a refund. This refund will be minus any administration fees and uniform fees.